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Government Administrative Proceedings

After the basis of business activities is established in Japan, business approvals, permissions and/or lincenses from appropriate governmental bodies need to be acquired to comply with the laws governing the category of business the foreign nationals will be engaged in. Some of the major business approvals, permissions and licenses are listed below.

・ Temporary Staff Service Permission

・ Restaurant Service Permission

・ Liquor Sales Permission

・ Hotel Business Permission

・ Tour Business Permission

・ Entertainment Business Permission

・ Bar/Pub Business Permission

・ Security Service Approval

・ Moneylending Business Registration

・ Antique Dealer Permission

・ Cleaning Business Notification

・ Flammable Oil Sales Registration

・ High-Pressure Gas Sales Notification

・ Waste Collection Service Permission

・ Social Welfare Service Approval

・ Pharmacy Permission

・ Transportation (Logistics) Business Permission

・ Warehousing Business Registration

・ Transportation (Passengers) Business Permission

・ Construction Business Permission

・ Real Estate Business License

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